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Optima Yellow Top Deep-Cycle Battery

If there’s one name synonymous with performance aftermarket batteries, it’s Optima. They’re probably one of the most popular and common batteries you’ll find under the hood of a Jeep…


CSF 3-core TJ Radiator Install

We’d never had any cooling problems with the TJ, so it wasn’t until the top tank of the radiator actually started leaking that I realized there was a problem. The upper and lower tanks on the TJ radiator are plastic and are clamped onto the metal radiator, and as a result they’re notorious for leaking […]

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Hanson XJ Cherokee rear bumper and tire carrier install

Article by Jason Dietz. I first started by pre assembling most of the parts on the bumper before I got started, the bear claw latch, as well as the studs for the spare and bushings on the swing away. The easiest way to install the bushing is to use the bolt through the bushing and […]


Bilstein 5150 install

Installation date: 4/2/05 Back in the spring of ’05 I decided to jump on the bandwagon and get some 5150s for my rig. I’d been planning on replacing my old DT3000s with some gas-charged shocks anyway, so why not go with Bilstein’s trick then-new 5150s. I found that I was wheeling my Jeep more, and […]


Jeeperman TJ Swingaway

After a short hiatus, Jeeperman is back in business! CJ/YJ/TJ bumpers are already in production, with full production by EJS 2010.

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Replacing a WJ Window Regulator

Update: There’s now a great option to replacing the entire regulator assembly if all that is broken is the plastic cable block (which is what usually breaks). You can now buy a replacement metal block from digital tuning, inc, for about $30. Not only is this cheaper than buying a whole new assembly (even off […]


Superlift 4xAdventure Spring 2006

If you’ve never been to a Superlift 4xAdventure event, they’re a ton of fun for not much money. We’ve tried for a couple of years to make it to the annual Superlift 4xAdventure they hold out at Barnwell Mountain in Gilmer, TX, but have always had something come up at the last minute that’s forced […]

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Mountain Off-Road Enterprises Torsion Rubber Motor Mounts

Installation date: 02/18/06 I’d known that my driver-side motor mount has been torn for about a year, I’d just never got around to replacing it because it really hadn’t caused any problems. But with a trip to Las Cruces coming up at the end of February, I figured it might be time to finally get […]

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ARB Recovery Bag

What can I say, I’m an ARB fanboy, always have been. And I’ve got a thing for recovery gear, so when ARB recently introduced their new recovery bags, I just had to have one. The new bags come in two sizes, small and large, and at the time of this article they sell for around […]

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Hot Springs Revisited, Octover 2005

After having such a blast on our Hot Springs run back in June we knew we had to go again soon, but not until the weather was cooler. Fall in Hot Springs has near-perfect weather for wheelin’, so we started planning another trip for October. Our local Jeep club, LoneStar Jeep Club, was also planning […]

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