Store and protect your soft top windows with the Window Roll by Clover Patch

If you take your top down or your windows out a lot, or are like us and have two sets of soft windows, you probably know that it’s hard finding a good place to store your windows when you’re not using them. The rear window isn’t that big of a deal because you can roll it up and secure it to the top using the factory bungee straps, but there’s not really a good place to store the side windows. That’s where the WindowRoll comes in.

The WindowRoll is a quick and easy (and inexpensive!) way to store and protect your soft windows when you’re not using them. The design is pretty simple – it uses 5 large sheets of heavy-duty felt, bound together on one side (kind of like a book), that rolls up and fits into a nylon storage bag than can then be strapped to your rollbar (or in our case leaned up against the wall in the garage).

The way it works is you lay your soft windows out flat in the WindowRoll, with a sheet of felt separating each window. Starting with the open end, you roll up the felt and windows and secure it with the two supplied Velcro straps. Then the whole thing slips into the nylon storage bag, which has cinch-straps and tie-downs on each end. The whole process only takes a couple of minutes and you’re on your way.

With the windows inside it, the WindowRoll fits perfectly behind the rollbar with the soft top up or down, and the tie-down straps keep it secured to the rollbar. And when you’re not using it, the WindowRoll folds down pretty small so you can store it behind the backseat or on the floorboard behind one of the front seats.

The WindowRoll retails for a little under $70 and it’s a great addition to get ready for summer driving and wheeling. The WindowRoll also works with the new Jeep Wrangler Unlimited!

If you’re interested in picked up a WindowRoll for your rig, they’re available right here through our very own

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