Camp Jeep 2002 – Branson, MO

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If you go to Camp Jeep just for the trails, then I think you’ll probably be disappointed. Not because the trails aren’t fun, but because there’s so much else to do while you’re at Camp Jeep. That said, hitting the trails at Camp Jeep is definitely part of the whole experience.

There were a total of around 30 trail rides over the course of the three days of Camp, starting about 8am and going until about 5pm in the evening each day. There were three levels of difficulty were offered: easy, moderate, and hard. We signed up for Trail 10 (a hard trail) at 1pm on friday.

A bunch of us from the XJ-List had gotten together and all signed up for that trail at the same time, which was cool because this was the first time for many of us to meet one another, much less get to wheel together. I’d highly recommend getting some buddies to sign up for the trails with you, we had a lot of stop and go time on the trails, so having friends there to chat with made the stopped time go by much quicker.

Camp Jeep 2002
Lining up for Trail 10.
Camp Jeep 2002
There were lots of granite ledges to climb over.

The trail turned out to be not so hard that day (for a rig with 33’s and lockers on both ends anyway). Apparently trails 9 and 10 were the hardest of the bunch, and the folks on trail 10 had experienced more than their fair share of carnage and breakage on thursday, so the trail guides watered the routes down a bit for Friday A slightly modified Jeep could go through most of what we did, though there were a few obstacles that tripped up the smaller unlocked rigs in our group.

Camp Jeep 2002
Heading down a hill…
Camp Jeep 2002
Cooling off in the shade!

The terrain was actually very similar to what we run here in Texas, with lots of loose dirt and rock along with some nice rocky ledges and outcroppings to climb. Our little group of XJ’s was near the back, so I didn’t get many chances to get out and actually take pics of the obstacles — the few trail pics I got were shot out the window as we were moving.

That was about it for our trail ride, it was fun but nothing too awful exciting. We found out later the next day that the trail guides toughened up the trails on saturday due to some complaints about them being too easy on Friday, and once again were met with more carnage. Seems they just couldn’t catch a break when it came to Trail 10. The guides did a great job though, kudos to the Ozark Jeepthing club!

First Day | The Trails | Last Day

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