CB install

I’ve had a couple of people email me about where to put a CB in a Cherokee, so I thought I’d do a little write-up about what I did with mine. As you can see, I mounted my Midland under the dash on the driver’s side. Another popular mounting place is upright on the transmission hump, just to the right of the gear shift. I angled the CB up as far as it would go until it touched the dash, that way it was completely out of the way of my legs (read: NO loss of leg room) and I could see and reach the controls easily. I mounted the mic holder to the side of the center console just ahead of the transfer case shifter (see below right) and used zip ties to keep the wiring and coax cable in place.

The CB is wired straight to and from the battery. I noticed a lot of interference from all my power accessories (power windows, windshield wipers, AC, etc.) so I tried shortening the ground wire and added an in-line noise suppressor. Shortening the ground wire actually made things worse so I went back to the battery, but I may have just picked a bad place to ground to. The noise suppressor helped a little, but turning the squelch up a little helps the most (I know, not much of a fix, but it works on the trail). Plus, it’s just a cheap-o $50 CB so I can’t really expect too much.

I started out using the mag-mount antenna the CB came with, first mounting it on the roof right over my head, then I moved it to the middle over the cargo area. I have since replaced the mag-mount with a 4′ whip, which started out mounted to the driver’s side end cap of the rear bumper (see pics below), but I’ve now moved the whip to a custom tire carrier mount that is also the license plate mount.

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