Raingler’s XJ Barrier Net

I’ve been wanting some kind of a pet/cargo barrier for my XJ for a while now, but I never really liked the design of the ones that “wedge” between the floor and the headliner. Many of them didn’t extend all the way to the floor,and I also wanted something I could use with the back seat folded down. Enter Raingler.com. Raingler has been making cargo and barrier nets for TJ’s for a while now and recently expanded their product line to include Cherokees and other vehicles.

I really don’t even remember how I found out about Raingler actually. When I first contacted them asking if they had anything for XJ’s they were still in the design stages of their XJ net, but I told them as soon as they had some ready to send me one. After seeing their TJ nets, I knew this was exactly the type of cargo barrier system I was looking for.

Raingler builds all their nets using only 10 year UV resistant and saltwater grade materials,including the stitching. Even the 800lb military grade hardware is guaranteed not to rust.. If you can use the word “beefy” to describe a net, Raingler’s nets are BEEFY! I really can’t say enough about the quality of these things, definitely top notch workmanship.

if only it was bigger, I could use it for a hammock…

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Raingler claims the weakest point of their nets can support 800lbs, which makes for a pretty big dog or bag of gear. Well, I didn’t have 800lbs of anything to test the net with, so I used my own [not so] massive 150lb body.I strung the net up between the rocker guards on our Jeeps and stood on the net. No worries. I figure if it held me up it’ll stand up to our two Siberian Huskies, or whatever gear I’ve got in the back.

Installation of the XJ barrier net is a cinch – literally. The net mounts behind the back seat and straps to the upper mounting bolts for the shoulder belts, the latch striker for the seat back, and the lower mounting bolts for the seat back. The buckles then keep everything stretched out tight. It only takes a minute or two to put up or take down the net, and you can easily fold it up to store it out of the way under one of the seats.

If you’ve got smaller, sneaky dogs like ours, Raingler also includes additional side straps and hardware that mounts to the side of the C-pillar. This will keep wandering pups from squeezing between the net and C-pillar to come join you in the front seats. The additional mounting hardware does require some minor drilling for installation. If you’ve got an older rig that doesn’t have the rear shoulder belts, you can use the additional hardware for the upper mount for the net. The soft net will also help keep your pups from getting hurt should something happen (like slamming on the brakes) that causes them to fly forward into the barrier.

note: the net’s not sagging, it’s just not pulled up tight…

With the seat up, the barrier net allows you to stow some gear between the seat back and the net, giving you easy access to it while leaving the net in place. With the back seat folded down, you loose the middle mounting point, but the net is still attached at the ceiling and the floor so it retains most of its functionality, and you can loop the middle straps around the seat belt to pull the sides out a bit for more coverage or use the additional C-pillar hardware if you installed it.

I’ve been running the net for a few weeks now, using it mainly to keep some gear and my 35″ spare tire from straying out of the cargo area, and I’ve been really happy with it so far. The net hasn’t stretched or sagged any at all, and it really doesn’t block any vision out the back. Plus, when you look out the back, it’s kinda got a cool Baja1000/NASCAR safety net look to it…

Raingler nets are available through JeepinOutfitters.com.

For more information, contact:

P.O.Box 270505
Louisville, CO 80027


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  1. Ray May 30th, 2015 5:59 pm

    Do you make a pet barrier for a 2011 grand cherokee?

  2. Jeepin Jason June 2nd, 2015 11:31 am

    Ray, they’ve redesigned that net a bit so that it works for Cherokees, Libertys, and Grand Cherokees. Check it out at http://www.jeepinoutfitters.com/products/raingler-jeep-suv-barrier-net

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