ARB Recovery Bag

What can I say, I’m an ARB fanboy, always have been. And I’ve got a thing for recovery gear, so when ARB recently introduced their new recovery bags, I just had to have one.

The new bags come in two sizes, small and large, and at the time of this article they sell for around $49.95 and $59.95 respectively from 4× I of course went with the large bag so I could stuff all my recovery gear in there. If you don’t already have straps and stuff, Mike at 4×4RockShop has put together a sweet ARB Build-a-Bag recovery kit that lets you put together your own recovery kit with your choices of straps, gloves, snatch blocks, d-rings, you name it.

ARB Recovery Bag ARB Recovery Bag

Both of ARB’s’ new recovery bags are made from safety-orange heavy-duty canvas with a water-resistant coating, and both feature reflective trim, a padded shoulder strap, removable main pocket insert, fitted rubber base for durability, and big beefy buckles. You can check out all the specs on ARB’s website (pdf link).

ARB Recovery Bag ARB Recovery Bag

The compact bag is just a single compartment, but the large bag features 2 big pockets, a space for a snatch block, and two small side pockets perfect for gloves and d-rings. The large bag also has a set of padded cargo flaps that fasten across the top to keep your gear nice and secure when the going gets rough. As you can see below, the main pocket is big enough to fit 2 tow straps (and my winch remote) while the front pocket is perfect for a tree saver or winch rope extension. The space for the snatch block is big enough you could fit two in there… though I don’t know anyone who carries two snatch blocks…With all the pockets full, the large bag measures about 20″ long, 12″ high, and about 10″ deep.

ARB Recovery Bag ARB Recovery Bag

Like all of ARB’s products, the styling and quality are top-notch, and I have no doubt it’ll hold up to years of use.

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