Jeep Treo Designers Look into the Future to Create Earth-Friendly

Tokyo, Japan, Oct 22, 2003 – Chrysler Group designers took a look into the future and created a concept vehicle that explores the limits of the Jeep® brand, combining innovative design and environmentally friendly advanced technology in an activity vehicle aimed at young consumers.

Treo Treo

Premiering at the 37th Tokyo Motor Show, Jeep Treo offers a fresh new look at classic Jeep design themes, such as the seven-bar grille and prominent windshield presence. Inside, the Jeep Treo provides space for three passengers or ‘two-plus-gear’ in a cabin that creates an open feel in what is a truly compact vehicle. Underneath, Treo is based on an all-new platform designed to utilize drive-by-wire technology and a zero-emission fuel cell – or other advanced powerplant of the future – along with an electric drive powertrain that gives Treo full-time four-wheel drive capability.

Treo Treo

Treo’s designers were challenged to look a decade or more into the future and extend the Jeep brand’s customer base. The result is an urban mobility vehicle that provides Jeep style and freedom in a clean, compact package – one that can adapt to youthful lifestyle demands, both in an urban environment and at the trailhead.

The Treo is a vivid new interpretation of where the Jeep brand could go in the future using the freedom of fuel cell technology. It truly exemplifies the idea of ‘fluid imagination’ thinking in a stunning, unexpected package,” said Trevor Creed, Chrysler Group’s Senior Vice President of Design.

Treo Treo

Jeep Treo has a form and a presence that challenge the brand’s traditional dimensions, but in the end, can still be viewed as being authentically Jeep.”

A Bold New Jeep Signature
The Treo’s front end presents a bold new Jeep signature and provides fresh insights on the classic Jeep ‘face’. Treo then tapers front-to-back in a tear-drop shape, to end with two high-mounted spar wings that house rear lamps and serve as mounts for twin high-tech Jeep Rubicon mountain bikes – the perfect equipment for tomorrow’s active young consumers. The rear hatch with a large cutout notch provides easy access to rear storage.

Treo Treo

Jeep ruggedness is signaled by the open fenders that give the over-sized tires plenty of play, tow hooks exposed on the front end, and the ‘precision tool’ look of the headlamps and mirrors. The military-style tire tread, exposed front suspension, fender-to-body bolt-on look, and the hiking boot tread detail on the sill plate all enhance the vehicle’s adventurous image.

Treo Treo

The Treo’s look is rugged and purposeful – a truly imaginative evolution of the Jeep ‘face’ with packaging that belies its compact dimensions,” said Creed. “It has a real presence in the flesh, one that grows more interesting every time you look at it – from every angle.”

Treo Treo

Flexible Interior and Propulsion Possibilities
Jeep Treo’s interior continues the simple, honest Jeep look. The steering wheel and column, pedals, speedometer and other instruments are housed in a single, sculptured module. The entire module slides through a slot in the dash for quick adaptation to right- or left-hand driving, extending Treo’s reach to world markets. The radio, global positioning satellite locator and climate controls with touch-screen operation are housed in a second, removable module.

Treo Treo

Lightweight seats are made of translucent material over a strong carbon fiber frame. The rear seat folds flat for storage of additional gear. Another configuration allows for the front wheels from the Rubicon bikes to be removed and mounted in the rear of the interior, while still allowing a third passenger to ride along.

Despite the vehicle’s compactness, a feeling of openness is maintained in the interior by the large windshield, a ‘see-through’, seven-slotted Jeep front grille, and a glass roof that extends over the rear passenger space.

Treo Treo

Jeep Treo is powered by two electric motors driving the front and rear wheels, giving the vehicle full-time four-wheel drive capability. For the future, Treo is designed to adapt to new technologies, such as drive-by-wire, fuel cells or other advanced powertrains.

Treo’s visionary vehicle packaging with its basic three-seat configuration and built-in versatility lends itself to future Jeep activity seekers – at entry-level price positioning. It is rugged and functional in genuine Jeep fashion, but its adaptability is taken to the next level,” Creed said.

Original Animation for a Unique Vehicle
Chrysler Group’s introduction of the Jeep Treo concept vehicle will feature an original animation sequence produced especially for the Tokyo Motor Show. The animation is influenced by the style known as ‘anime’, which is popular in Asia and other parts of the world. This adventurous, high tech animation is the perfect style for introducing the Jeep Treo concept.

Treo Treo

Jeep Treo Preliminary Specifications

Wheels and Tires
Wheels: 19” x 6”
Tires: 185/65R19

Dimensions & Weight
Length: 3235 mm (127.4 inches)
Width: 1680 mm (66.1 inches)
Height: 1585 mm (62.4 inches)
Wheelbase: 2450 mm (96.4 inches)
Front: 1499 mm (59.0 inches)
Rear: 1499 mm (59.0 inches)
Ground clearance: 200 mm (7.8 inches)
Front: 350 mm (13.8 inches)
Rear: 430 mm (16.9 inches)
Weight: 816 kg (1800 pounds) (estimated)

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