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Default Go-fer-it tapered insert alternatives?

Well after destroying yet another Go-fer-it flip insert its time to find another solution. I am using these inserts to make my WJ knuckles accept the TREs above the knuckle instead of below for obvious reasons. These are apparently not able to push both tires around as the drag link one keeps failing. The 1st time it failed it completely crumbled leaving the flux core welded portion and its surrounding material. This time it was TIG welded to help with the affected area strength but still it failed. My knuckle it drilled out to 3/4" to accept these inserts so simply reaming out the hole is not an option. There is another company selling these inserts but I beleive they are the same thing. If I cant find anything i might just settle for a 3/4" heim and make a new DLwith a bend in it to clear the coil and sway bar links, but I would rather save what I've made/invested in and also keep a straight Drag link.

Anyone know of an alternative or at least a base part to ream out that would be bigger/stronger/higher quality material?

Stock '96 XJ Sport
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