4x4mods.com colored gauge overlay kit

The instructions that 4x4mods.com includes with their gauge overlay kits are probably the best I’ve ever seen. They’re detailed, they’ve got full color photos… They’re so good that I hadn’t planned to do a write-up on the kit because there really wasn’t much I could go over than they didn’t already cover. However, we get so many comments and questions about the yellow faces on our TJ, I figured I’d go ahead and do a write-up on them.

I got our kit off e-bay, but you can now order them direct from 4x4mods.com. The kits come with overlays for the gauge cluster, needle overlays, overlays for an inclinometer, and a matching Jeep logo for the steering wheel (if applicable). The kits are available in a bunch of different colors, including chrome and carbon fiber, and they’ve got kits available for YJ’s, late model XJ’s, and even CJ’s, in addition to TJ’s.

Installation of course involves pulling out the gauge cluster, which actually isn’t all that hard, there’s just a lot of screws… First job is to remove the plastic cover from below the steering column — there’s two screws holding this on, then it simply swings down and off. Next there’s two screws at the base of the cluster that need to be removed.

Now pop the top dash plate off and remove the three screws holding the top of the gauge bezel to the dash. Then just pull straight back to pop the gauge bezel off. Now you can remove the four screws that actually hold the cluster itself to the dash. With these out, pull straight out on the cluster.

Separate the clear lens and the black ring bezel by pressing in the tabs around the clusters edge. Now you can install the overlays, which are precision-cut vinyl decals. The original markings are visible through holes in the overlays, so everything lights up as normal at night. The speedometer and tachometer overlays slip over the needles, while the other four overlays sit above the needles. You definitely want to take care aligning the overlays correctly.

We of course chose yellow overlays, and the color comes pretty close to matching the Jeep Solar Yellow exactly. It’s actually a bit closer of a match than it appears in the photo though. Re-installation of the cluster is just the opposite of how you took it out. The odometer doesn’t get reset or anything, so no worries there.

That’s really about it, and the best part? The complete overlay kits sell for under $30! As of writing this article we’ve had the kit installed for just over a year with no signs of fading, bubbling, or peeling.

For more information contact:

4×4 Mods
P.O. Box 28537
Bellingham, WA 98228-0537

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