Trail Flaps

Article by Kurt Davis.

These flaps are great not only for their quick disconnect feature, but because they have a square mount, instead of the tube mount like the Rocky Road Outfitters flaps. This cuts back on flap-floating at high speeds, keeping it behind the tire where it should be. The flaps mount to the frame with 2 self tapping bolts (I used 3 for even more support…but it is not necessarily needed). With a quick release and pull of the pin I can remove the mudflap for wheelin, and it is just as easy to put them back on for heading home from the trail.

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Trailflap brackets are made from steel for strength, powder-coated black for a great look and finish. The flap brackets are made from 3/4″ square aluminum which is easy to cut for the proper fit. The aluminum lessens the possibility of sagging over time. Due to the weight of some mudflaps, OffRoad Innovations suggests using the flaps that they sell, a 10″x14″ flap and a 12″x18″ flap.

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OffRoad Innovations sells four different variations of the mudflap brackets. First is just the bracket (TF00), a universal 22″ cut-to-fit bracket that will work with almost any vehicle…particularly Jeeps. You can get this bracket with mudflaps…TF00M for the 10×14″, TF00L for the 12×18″ flaps. Finally, you can order a custom length (TF**) by replacing the ** with the measurement that you take.

Installation couldn’t be easier. Simply mount the receiver bracket, mark the length of the flap bracket, cut, drill the 3 or 4 holes for the flap and BAM you’re done! Offroad Innovations provides instructions with each kit.

Be sure to check with your local regulations to find out if you need tire coverage in your area. I got an $86 ticket for something as simple as not having any tire coverage. I’ve since sold the Cherokee and bought a 1997 TJ Sport, soon adding a RE 5.5 Long Arm kit and 36″ Swampers. In order to stay legal, I once again turned to the TrailFlap.

Below are pictures of my Jeeps and others sporting the TrailFlap Quick Disconnect Brackets:

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For more information, contact:

Offroad Innovations
10121 Evergreen Way Ste 663
Everett, WA 98204
Phone: (425) 501-1835

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  1. Jason August 3rd, 2010 6:48 pm

    Do you have something like this for the front? I’m going to install some step rails and I’m concerned about excess moisture. I’ve seen some vehicles with rust holes in the front end of their rock sliders.

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