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At the time of this article we’ve only had the TJ out for one wheelin’ trip with the new SYE kit, but everything worked great of course, and there are absolutely no vibrations on the road. No leaks or anything either. Given our experience with the JB Conversions HD SYE on our XJ, I have no doubts their new SuperShorty kit will also stand up to years of use and abuse.

As I mentioned at the start of this article, the SYE kit was installed in conjunction with a Rubicon Express 4.5” Extreme Duty kit. Rubicon’s instructions include suggestions on the initial control arms lengths to use when installing their kit, and the lengths for the rear arms are assuming you’re using a regular HD SYE kit. Set to those lengths, our pinion was a bit too high due to the SuperShorty kit, so I had to adjust the lower arms out some. This was no big deal of course, but it helps illustrate that the SuperShorty kit does indeed help reduce driveline angles even over the standard HD kits. I was actually glad that I had to tilt the pinion down a bit, because it helped straighten out the bowing rear coil springs (an added side benefit to the kit).

A good friend of ours is running a TeraFlex belly-up skid plate, along with a D44 rear, RE 4.5” coils and a standard HD SYE kit. Even with the Tera belly-up skid, which raises the t’case a bit higher than the RE crossmember, his driveshaft is 2.5” shorter than ours (15.5” vs 18”).

SuperShorty SYE on our TJ

regular JB HD SYE on our XJ

And at 18” long, our new driveshaft is nearly 65% longer than our factory driveshaft was (11”). It’s crazy looking back at how far out the factory slip yoke sat compared to the new SuperShorty kit. All in all I definitely feel this new kit is well worth the extra cost if you’ve got a SWB Jeep. If it’s time to do a short-shaft kit, why not go with the shortest short-shaft kit available?

not so short…

the muffler’s not the only thing shorter…

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