The Drill Doctor DD750

I tried out the DrillDoctor on a couple of different sized bits, both small and large. I had a bit of trouble on my big 5/8″ bit that has a 135* split point tip, but the others went pretty well. I even added a split point to one of the bits that didn’t have one to start out with, just to see if I could do it.

insert the chuck into the split point port on the left side of the unit
line up the white mark with the alignment mark and press in

To add or replace a split point on a bit after sharpening it, with the bit still aligned in the chuck, put the chuck in the Splitting Port on the left side of the Drill Doctor. There’s flats on the inside of the port so the chuck only fits in a certain way, and there’s a raised alignment mark on the outside of the port to help you get things lined up properly. Then just push the chuck into the port a couple of times. You’ll be able to hear the diamond wheel grinding on the bit. Pull the chuck out, turn it 180*, and reinsert it into the Sharpening Port to add a split point to the other side of the bit.

check out the split point on that bit…

You can add split points to both 118* and 135* bits, of just about any size. The bit above is a 118* tip (that’s now split-point, haha!).

now how’s that supposed to drill a decent hole?
huh? it’s not 118* or 135*…

Now, remember that bit I mentioned earlier that was steeper than 118*? As you can see above it was one of my worst bits, but since it wasn’t 118* or 135*, I couldn’t sharpen it at it’s original angle. With essentially nothing to loose I decided to see if I could sharpen it down to 118*. I aligned the bit in the chuck, then pushed the bit forward about a millimeter to give me lots of material to work with before tightening down the chuck and putting it into the sharpening port.

sooooo much better!!
so, who’s ready to drill some holes?

After about 40 half-turns of the chuck, I pulled the bit out to examine it, and WOW! Not only had I taken the bit down to 118*, but it looked as good if not better than a brand new bit! It almost got to be fun, bringing new life to all my old drill bits. No more replacing dull and worn out bits for me! I’ll just sharpen them from now on.

For more information, contact:

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210 East Hersey
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Phone: 800.597.6170
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