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Hot Springs Revisited, Octover 2005

After having such a blast on our Hot Springs run back in June we knew we had to go again soon, but not until the weather was cooler. Fall in Hot Springs has near-perfect weather for wheelin’, so we started planning another trip for October. Our local Jeep club, LoneStar Jeep Club, was also planning […]

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Installing a Durango steering box in an XJ

The first order of business was pulling the pitman arm. Since this was the first time pulling the pitman arm or removing the steering box, I made sure to soak everything down with PB Blaster a day ahead of time. The pitman arm popped off without too much trouble, but I’ve definitely broken my fair […]


Fixing a wallowed out trackbar bracket

The trackbar bolt on the axle can have a bad habit of coming loose on it’s own, and once that happens it can wallow out the hole in the axle bracket pretty quick. And that’s exactly what happened to us with our TJ. We’d been noticing a bit of understeer for a while, but the […]


Skid Row’s XJ Gas Tank Skid Plate

Installation date: 6/25/05 After seeing my friend Frank’s XJ get disabled on the trail after the point of a boulder pushed his Mopar gas tank skid plate up into his gas tank on our Hot Springs 2005 trip, I knew it was time to finally upgrade my trusty old factory gas tank skid plate. My […]

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Installing a B&M Transmission Cooler

Installation date: 6/11/05 After my engine and transmission both ran hotter than I’d have liked during our whole trip to Hot Springs I knew it was time to upgrade my tranny cooler setup. I’d been running a factory Mopar cooler for a couple of years, and for light duty stuff it was fine, but when […]


Jeepin.com Hot Springs Run 2005

The weekend of June 4th marked our second annual Jeepin.com Hot Springs Run to the Superlift ORV Park in Hot Springs, AR. I don’t think we’ll do it again the middle of the summer though — wow was it hot and humid! But despite the heat and humidity, I think everyone had a great time, […]

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OffRoadOnly’s U-Turn Crossover Steering System

Installation date: 11/06/2004 If the thought of shelling out about $650 for a bolt-on cross-over steering conversion for a D30 just totally turns you off, you should probably hit the BACK button right now and check out some other write-up. But, if a heavy-duty cross-over system for your D30 that requires no extra mods sounds […]

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Crown Vic discs for your XJ D44

Article by Kevin Hamilton. Introduction Despite the fact that my Dana 44 had larger drums than the Dana 35 it had replaced, braking power still wasn’t up to par. For obvious reasons when I had swapped on some 33”s and steel rims, my braking suffered, so I set out to do something about it. After […]


2006 Jeep Commander

In developing the 2006 Jeep Commander, designers looked to past Jeep vehicles for inspiration: the Willys Station Wagons (1946 to 1962), the Jeep Wagoneer (1963 to 1991) and especially the Jeep Cherokee (1984 to 2001). All were classically Jeep in appearance, with sharp lines, planar surfaces and rugged looks. The 2006 Jeep Commander is a modern interpretation of that design ethic.

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Rock Lizard Fabrications’ Gila Monster Quarter Guards

Rock Lizard Fabrications is no longer building XJ products. Similar quarter panel armor is currently available from C-ROK Engineering.

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