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Poison Spyder Customs’ TJ RockerKnockers

I helped a friend (who’s also named Jason) install this pair of RockerKnockers on his TJ, and I have to start out by saying, WHAT A PAIN!! As we neared the end of the install we were both thinking that for the money, time, and effort, he’d have been better off getting a set of […]

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Rubicon Express 5.5″ Extreme Duty XJ kit

What really sets the RE kit apart from other standard short-arm lifts is control arm drop bracket kit. These brackets lower the upper and lower control arms about 4″, lessening their angles and resulting in greatly improved ride and handling both on and offroad.

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John M’s Zebra ZJ

When John sent me some pics of his Zebra ZJ, I knew I had to feature it on Here’s what John has to say about his jaw-dropping rig…

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Jeep introduces the 2004 Jeep Wrangler WILLYS

It’s the stuff of legend: the U.S. Army requested a vehicle – and drove off in a hero. The Willys MB, its spirit forged by the fire of combat and honed in the heat of battle, seared its way into the hearts of warriors fighting for freedom. Fierce emotional bonds often developed between a soldier […]

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