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Changing disc brake rotors and pads

Things you’ll need: hydraulic jack metric socket wrench set (if working on ’92 or newer Jeep) allen key set (if working on ’91 or older Jeep) standard open-end wrench set pliers (if replacing the rotors) anti-seize compound (optional) brake fluid brake cleaner wire brush clear tubing and a small container (available as kit for ~$5 […]

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Hella 500 Series off-road lights

Installation date: 8/2/98 Since it seems that people are interested in reading about installing Hella offroad lights (or IPF’s or PIAA’s or whatever you like), I thought I’d do a quick write-up on how I installed my Hella 500’s. I ended up installing 3 individual lights (a pair of fog lights and one driving light) […]

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TurboCity’s Rock-It Tube and K&N Conversion

author’s note: After running the TurboCity kit for a while, I decided to swap it out for the K&N cone conversion kit offered by Rusty’s OffRoad. I really haven’t noticed any performance difference in the kits, other than it’s easier to check my oil now (see note about clearance issues below). Also, Rusty’s kit costs […]

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